WATSAN mission complete

My 3 month mission to dispose of 20 tonnes of out of expired drugs and medical items is complete ahead of schedule. MSF built the waste zone at the city teaching hospital to help them get rid of out of date medicines correctly and also to stop used medical waste from just been tipped in the country side and set on fire which is their only method since the war. I was sent to teach them how to segregate and which method of destruction should be done, Incineration , encapsulation,dilution or dissolution.

Its not been easy with 40 degrees outside temperature and then add the heat of the incinerator which ran at 1000 degrees. Also due to security I have to go everywhere by jeep no walking outside the compounds. Being in the capital made life easy with aircon, good food and a local hotel swimming pool at the weekend.

I am now going to Uganda for two weeks R&R before heading back to South Sudan and a small outlying project at lankien where my position changes form a WATSAN (water,hygiene and sanitation) to a Technical Logistician where i will be looking after the technical side of a local hospital and a couple of health outposts. I will be constructing buildings, extending and modernizing a runway, security, fleet management etc etc


Mission South Sudan


Two days ago I was told I am being sent to South Sudan this coming Wednesday. I should be away between 6-9 months so may be back for some of the 2019 insecting season.


Getting back to health

Returning from Bangladesh I was totally exhausted add to that Giardia and Dengue fever, so its taken me till now to recover and now I feel fitter than before my mission. So I’ve taken this opportunity between missions to tick some of my local bucket list off. Three longer cycle rides, Grafham water 55 miles, Ely 42 miles and Saffron Walden 43 miles. I have been wanting to cycle these for at least 9 years.

Saffron Walden 1 puncture 1 lost (and got my puncture on the lost part of my cycle which makes it even more annoying. Also the Saffron Walden cycle had mountains ok small mountains more like hills but when you live in flat Cambridge and cycle mostly in the Fens  the only place you can get horizontigo any undulation is a mountain 🙂

Hornet to Hornet

With working in Bangladesh for the spring and most of summer I feel as if I have gone fomr the end of summer hornet recording right back into end of summer hornet recording

Today I found this second colony it was very busy and for me to get the photos with my macro lens I was inches away from the entrance. When I stood up there were about 30 or more buzzing around me waiting to enter the nest.