A very early mate

Hi Folks , I disturbed this mating pair of Bombus terrestris today , its a very early find for mating but its probably come from an over winter colony. On another note I am sorry I havent been in touch with those who have emailed me but I have been very unwell , but on the mend now. Will hopefully re find my insect obsession soon.

Isodontia mexicana (grass carrying wasp) New to the UK


A new to Britain wasp, Isodontia mexicana (de Saussure), known as the Grass-carrying wasp, has been discovered at Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park.

About 2cm long, it is a striking addition to the UK fauna and gets its name from its habit of using grass as nest material.

It likes to visit flowers such as Mint and Gypsy wort, which are abundant at the Greenwich park, and preys on bush crickets, which are also common at the site.

Researcher David Notton of the Natural History Museum said the wasp is pretty docile and a solitary species, so does not form large nests.

“It’s quite unlike the better known and aggressive yellow/black social wasps with which people may be familiar.

“We don’t know how it got to the UK, and although it’s a non-native invasive species there’s no evidence to suggest it’s a threat to UK fauna.”


Andrena minutoloides (garden)

Not a great photo as its from my phone through my microscope, this bee was found dead in my studio it keys out to I am sure Andrena minutoloides

The best way to spend a wet, dark winters afternoon.

Is it spring yet ?

Another year nearly over and I am happy with the new finds/ records this year  but I can’t wait for spring to arrive for it all to start again. The anticipation of new finds, new knowledge and just getting out into nature.

The bees in the photo are some some of the new species of bee I have found this year (new to me not science).