MSF Mission

rohingya-exp-slide-I7QI-facebookJumboTwo weeks ago I received my mission which was to Kirkuk in Iraq it would have been for 6 months and I was really looking forward to it but half way through my training I got a phone call with a mission change so I am now going to Bangladesh around the 21st March for 6 months to help with the Rohingya crisis. This confirms I will be missing this season folks.


2018 Insect season


There is a good chance I will be absent in 2018 as I am now working for Medecins sans frontieres and should be on a mission for 9 months which will mean I will be away for our spring / summer.


Waning colony – Lode

My regular visit to the hornets colony saw numbers much decreased compared to last week. I had a very obliging female worker rest on my hand the male wasn’t so obliging today.

Lesser stag beetle larvae – life cycle

Lesser stag beetle Dorcus parallelipipedus life cycle. Lesser stag beetles have an even more secluded life cycle than their larger cousins the stag beetles; both larvae and adults spend their life mostly inside rotting wood. The adults may live for more than one year, probably up to three years.