Quince jelly


I was given some Quince’s the other day so decided to make some quince jelly , it will be nice at christmas with some cheese 🙂

Wipe the fruit, cut it up roughly but do not core or peel.
Put the chopped fruit in a pan, barely cover with water and simmer until soft and pulpy.
Strain through a jelly bag overnight.
Measure the liquid, for every pint add 500g (1lb) granulated or caster sugar.
Add the sugar to the pan with the strained liquid and over a gently heat, stir until the sugar is dissolved. Once dissolved boil for 10 minutes. Test for setting by spooning a little on a plate, cool for a few minutes push your finger through the jelly and if it wrinkles it is ready for setting.
Pour into sterilized jar, seal and label.

Water into wine



A day on the allotment , moving raspberry canes and tidying an area up , then some baking and some wine bottling , yes more to add to my wine cellar , only 3 demijons of summer fruits, blackberry and cider to bottle now.

Sour Dough



A couple of my sour dough loaves , Sour dough is a one of my fav breads but I only bake it in autumn and winter as in spring and summer I’m to busy to look after the dough starter 🙂

Glen Coe


Just back from a week in Glen Coe Scotland , had a great time and just to say any honey orders will be processed this week 🙂



Sorry for the poor photo , I have just watched a sparrow hawk take out a pigeon in my back garden , I tried to get closer but it flew off with the pigeon.