River Cam Walk

Lode Mill Walk

Today I went a walk along the Lode at Lode mill , usually its a great place for insects and dragonflies etc .. but I was very disappointed. I think its just been one of those poor summers.

Cherry Hinton Chalk pits walk

After my hospital visit for my Hand, I popped in to the old chalk pit near the hospital, a few insects but it was a windy cloudy day .. more info Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits

Cavenham Heath NR walk …. Suffolk

Well worth a visit for the insects and Stone Curlews .. Cavenham Heath

Spring on its way out (garden)

Spring garden.

The Spring bulbs have long since stopped flowering. The hyacinths ,daffodils snowdrops have given over to  wall flowers and forget me nots which flow through every boarder tying the garden together. Now the ground covering geraniums and lilacs are flowering .. The pond is now looking established even after one year with its frogs and tadpoles , the plants are beginning to encircle it nicely. The log habitat pile is getting covers with wild carrots and foxgloves which will bring more insects to the garden.

Its been a busy few weeks with my bees from splitting the hives to collecting swarms , I’ve gone from three hives in my garden to eight hives. But now the season should calm down as new virgin queens establish themselves and start to build up their own workers. Time for me to repair my bee suit ,make more equipment and build some more small hives.