Aelia acuminata – Bishop’s Mitre Shieldbug (Barrow Suffolk)


Aelia acuminata Bishop’s Mitre Shieldbug
Family: Pentatomidae

A large and distinctive striped shieldbug with an obviously pointed head and ridged pronotum.

There is one generation per year, adults mating and laying eggs in spring and early summer. The larvae feed on the ripening seeds of a range of grasses in the Poaceae; new adults may be found from August onwards. Nymphs may be confused with the smaller Neottiglossa pusilla.

Widespread and common across southern Britain in tall and rank dry grassland habitats, including sand dunes.

Adult: All year
Length 8-9 mm… Britishbugs



Gonocerus acuteangulatus – Box Bug (Barrow Suffolk)


A relatively large reddish-brown squashbug, distinguished from the commoner Coreus marginatus by the narrower abdomen and more pointed lateral extremities of the pronotum. Nymphs have a green abdomen.

Historically very rare (RBD1) and known only from Box Hill in Surrey, where it feeds on Box trees, this bug is expanding its range and now occurs widely in the south-east of England and beyond. It is exploiting different foodplants, and has been found on hawthorn, buckthorn, yew and plum trees.

Adult: All year
Length 11-14 mm… Britishbugs