Cambridgeshire bees for sale


Each year I produce several Nucleus’s of bees to sell to make my bees self sufficient. I only sell bees that I produce, so the number available will depend on spring conditions and how quickly the bees can build up

Nucs, or nucleus colonies, are small but fully functioning colonies of bees on combs that are to be moved into full size beehives. They are used to start new colonies of bees. This is preferable to package bees, since new bees are being born daily. When you start new colonies with package bees they have to raise bees from eggs before the population begins to grow.

2016 bee nucleus

Over wintered nucs £150.00 Sold Out

Summer Nucs £130.00 still available Sold Out

Deposits are now being taken to reserve a limited number of over wintered bee nuc’s

Bee nucleus supply – you can reserve a nucleus with a £50.00 deposit (Which will be refunded if I can not fulfil the order due to Nuc’s not being ready due to poor weather etc .)

Please read full terms and conditions 

Please click here to be directed to the Cambrigdeshire bees page 

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