South Sudan update


I have done two missions back to back My first as a WASTAN water and sanitation engineer in Juba the new capital of South Sudan. This first mission was three months long.

My second mission is as a Technical logistician running the technical side of a hospital in the middle of no where. I run everything from the airstrip to the cars to power generation to constructing new wards to biomed, general maintenance and security as its an unstable area. I have done this for six months and have extended another 3 making 12 months away from home in South Sudan if I make it to the end I’m already exhausted. It is common to come down with some bug or other i have had so many upset tums I have had internal parasites againĀ  I’ve been dewormed, just some of the joys.

There is loads of insect life especially now its the rainy season not so many bees but loads of types of wasps.

I miss my insecting and will certainly be having next summer off.