Mimumesa unicolor – Garden

Today I have pinned a windowsill fatality a small wasp which when keyed out turned out to be the scarce / rare Mimumesa unicolor a good record for Cambridge

Photo courtesy of BWARS

Conops quadrifasciatus- Garden

A long proboscis and a long pointed anal cell near the hind edge of the wing are features that characterise this family. Hind femora of this species are yellowish brown, and the female has a small yellowish pouch under the 5th abdominal segment.
On umbellifers and composites such as Ragwort, especially in drier areas.
When to see it
June to September.
Life History
Larvae are internal parasites of bumblebees.
UK Status
Local and infrequent in Britain.

Isles of Scilly

Just back from an amazing 17 days in the Scilly Isles not much insecting done but had a great time walking and just taking in the views and Cider … we spent 6 nights on the isle of Bryher , 3 nights on St Martins and 6 nights on St Mary’s with day trips to Tresco and St Agnes .. 2 nights at Penzance .. if you have never been its a must see place great camp sites lovely people.