End of an era (for now anyway)

I did my first hive inspection of all hives, I was devastated to find one had large amounts of EFB (European foul Brood) the second had mild signs and my strongest hive had a little of it too.

I reported it to the Bee inspectors and today two came out and confirmed my worst nightmare that all colonies now have to be destroyed. We know where they got it from, last season  a hive down the road had EFB the beekeeper never inspected but noticed a lack of bees and asked me to go and look , I did only to find obvious EFB and very few bees and other bees robbing the colony (they were my bees robbing). EFB shows most in spring build up so when I did my first inspection well it was obvious in the worst affected colony there was hardly any brood alive .. in the other two they looked normal but had small signs of EFB.

This photo is the worst frame of all just diseased larvae.

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