Bee inspector 1 Asian hornet 0

Lets hope no queens had already left … as much is this is good news I think its going to get more frequent in the coming years

Asian Hornet update. Following the recent discovery of two Asian Hornet (Vespa velutina) workers near Tetbury in Gloucestershire, Bee Inspectors from the National Bee Unit have visited over 100 sites in the local area. Asian Hornets were found at six locations within 500m of the original sighting. The Animal and Plant Health Agency have now reported they have found and destroyed an Asian Hornet nest in the area. The nest was located at the top of a 55ft conifer tree.

2 thoughts on “Bee inspector 1 Asian hornet 0

  1. I know you said it had to happen but I kept on hoping. Well done the inspectors, I wish we had them in France. Let’s hope the nest was not at the stage of producing queens. Amelia

  2. They are doing an inspection of the nest to see what stage it was at , whether queens and males had been produced which they can tell by the size of the nest cells … 🙂

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