Honey, honey,honey


Well I’ve finished the harvest , 95 -1lb jars (two missing in the pic) and 5 lb put in old jars for personal use, so 100lbs in total added to the early summer harvest in July that’s over 165 lbs. Its the best harvest I’ve had in the years I’ve kept bees. All hives were left with one full super and the stores in the brood chamber to see them through the winter which is plenty.


2 thoughts on “Honey, honey,honey

  1. Here everybody takes all the supers off and expects the bees to survive on what they have in the brood box after making sure it is heavy enough with honey. It is felt they need to be contained in a small volume to keep warm. Perhaps the shorter, milder winters here allow the bees to forage. Gorse and other flowers are around in the warm spells. How do you feel about the increased volume of the hive? Amelia

  2. Most people here leave a super on and we removed the queen excluder so they can move up no matter how big the hive the top will always be the warmest place .. its always worked well and more so in the milder winters where bees are far more active but there is nothing to forage so use up far more stores … and im not one for taking all the honey and feeding sugar syrup or paste .. as it doesnt have any of the goodness natural nectar has … all the years I’ve been keeping bees ive (touch wood) never lost a colony so it seems to do well … 🙂

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