Platyrhinus resinosus -Scarce Fungus Weevil- Lode

you can’t imagine the amount of bird poops I’ve looked at thinking it was one of these beetles , which proves its bird poop camouflage works

This is truly an odd looking creature and could hardly be confused with anything else. The mix of dark and light areas on the elytra may vary, but the general appearance does not – the ‘face’ is always lighter due to a covering of pale hairs. Also known as the Cramp-ball Fungus Weevil.
When to see it
June and July are peak times for the adult.
Life History
The larvae develop inside the black fungus known as King Alfred’s Cakes or Cramp Balls (Daldinia concentrica).
UK Status
It is not quite as scarce as its common name would suggest. British records come mainly from England around a line from the Humber to the Severn.