Honey for sale

Just before my holiday I checked my hives each hive had two full supers, so I took one to spin off and left them with the other for the June gap so I don’t then have to feed them.

I took 65lb’s of honey

If you would like honey please check out the link below

Honey for Sale


4 thoughts on “Honey for sale

  1. That’s a good honey harvest. Our bees decided to swarm half-way through gathering rape honey and we only managed to get a pot out of it. They are now on sunflower and we will collect ours towards the end of August. Amelia

  2. the other year the ivy was in flow so i bottled it expecting it not to sell well as ivy honey usually gets a bad press , yet it sold quicker with more reserved sales if i had more , people said it tasted like old fashioned honey ? it was nice i though but left a strange after taste

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