Elater ferrugineus – River Cam

Elater ferrugineus Linnaeus, 1758
Size – 17-24mm.

Description – Larger specimens are among the largest Elaterids in Britain. A rather variable species – males can be uniformly bright orange/red over the pronotum and elytra, with a darker brown head or dark brown on the head and pronotum, with dark red elytra. Females are coniderably smaller and uniform dark brown. Shallow rows of pits run the length of the elytra. The legs are black, with slightly lighter brown towards the apicies of the tarsi. The antennae are mid-brown to black and extend just beyond the posterior edge of the pronotum in males and are shorter in females.

National Biodiversity Network map showing the distribution of Elater ferrugineus across Britain and Ireland.
British and Irish distribution of Elater ferrugineus Linnaeus, 1758 based on records held by the National Biodiversity Network.


Distribution – Few British records, mostly from Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and London, many of these historic. An isolated record from the Swansea area.