Scolia hirta – Croatia

Scolia hirta is a species belonging to the family Scoliidae subfamily Scoliinae.

It is present in most of mediterranean and central Europe, in East Palearctic ecozone, in the Near East and in North Africa.

Scolia hirta – Male
The adults grow up to 10–25 millimetres (0.39–0.98 in) long, the body is completely black, with two glossy yellow stripes on the abdomen. The wings have a smoky-dark color, with blue reflexes. Males have longer antennae than females, as well as three large spines at the tip of their abdomen.

They can be encountered from July through September feeding on flowers, with a preference for flowers appearing cyan or blue to bees eyes and for composite flowers or aggregated inflorescences.

These massive solitary wasps dig in search of larvae of beetles (Cetoniidae species, especially Cetonia aurata, as well as Scarabaeidae species). Then they parasitize the larvae and lay eggs in them for feeding their offspring.