Sexton Beetle – Nicrophorus vespilloides-Bury Ditches hill Fort- Clun

This beetle had just landed and was folding its wings away , until it saw me then was back airborne. You can see it is carrying Mites these are harmless to the beetle and are merely hitchhiking .

This is a very distinctive and brightly coloured beetle, with black and orange patterning on the elytra. The wing cases are squarish and shorter than the abomen.

Under dead birds and mammals.
When to see it
This beetle is commonly seen at light in gardens, often in company with a related, all black species, the Black Sexton Beetle.
Life History
These beetles perform an important service in getting rid of carrion (dead small animals and birds). Males and females cooperate to bury this matter, by digging beneath the bodies to provide a food supply for their larvae.
UK Status
Fairly common and widespread in Britain… Nature Spot

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  1. Seeing those mites on this beetle was a lucky find for me, Stephen … just took photos this aft of a spruce sawyer (longhorn beetle). When I checked images on the computer it also had mites. Question answered even before asked. šŸ™‚

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