Cassida viridis-Bury Ditches hill Fort- Clun

Length 7.5 to 10 mm. This is an all green Tortoise Beetle that lacks the markings of other Cassida species.
Similar Species
Cassida viridis is similar to C. rubiginosa but can be distinguished by the rounded rear corners of the pronotum(sharp in C. rubiginosa). It is also usually more apple green in colour.
Photo ID? Identifiable from a photo with care
Low vegetation, particularly White Dead-nettle and Mint.
When to see it
April to October.
Life History
The very spiny larva holds a bundle of cast skins and droppings over its back which it uses to fend off predators and parasites, the adults grip on to a leaf and pull themselves down, thus presenting no grip to predators.
UK Status
Fairly frequent and widespread in England and Wales, but fewer records from Scotland…Naturespot