Black-horned Cleg – Haematopota crassicornis (Coton NR)

The Haematopota genus is distinctive due to the mottled wings. H. crassicornis has a greyish abdomen and all-black antennae.
Similar Species
H. pluvialis is the other common species in this genus and very similar though tends to have a brown rather than grey appearance. The males of both species have eye-bands that stop halfway up, while females of both species have eye-bands over the whole of the eyes. However males of pluvialis have an orange third antennal segment.
Moist habitats, well wooded areas, pond margins and woodland.
When to see it
May to August.
Life History
Males feed from flowers, but the females bite to draw blood from large mammals including humans.
UK Status
Widespread and fairly common in Britain.