Ashy mining bee (Andrena cineraria) Lode

So very excited to find this bee , its taken 3 years of searching and today it happened , they are just spreading into East Anglia. I also found its cuckoo bee Nomada lathburiana.

The Ashy Mining-bee (Andrena cineraria) is one of
the most distinctive and obvious of all the springflying
solitary bee species over much of Britain and
Ireland, and over recent years has been enjoying a
marked increase in abundance in parts of
its range.
The females are black, and have two broad ashygrey
hairbands across the thorax. The males are
similar, but the thorax is entirely clothed with less
dense grey hairs, and has a very pronounced tuft of
white hairs on the lower face.
In Europe, the species is widespread and common
from Ireland eastwards across central Europe and
into Scandinavia. It is more restricted, but still
widespread in the Mediterranean region.
The bee has a single flight period each year and is
on the wing from early April until early June; the
males emerging well before the females. Peak activity
coincides with the flowering periods of fruit
trees such as Pear, Cherry and Apple.
The bees are non-ggressive and safe with children


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