Nomada goodeniana(garden)


I have posted info on this bee before .

5 thoughts on “Nomada goodeniana(garden)

  1. That’s a BEE?!? I would have called that a wasp. Something like that crawled into one of my mason bee tubes this evening. I waited with my iPhone on video for a good 5 minutes for it to back out so I could get a good look at it, but it must have been in for the night. I taped a piece of adhesive tape over the hole, but my wife scolded me for it. I’ll have to remove it tomorrow, but I really don’t want to have wasps in my mason bee tubes. Now if it’s a bee, I’m fine with it.

    • yes they do look like wasps dont they , as for bee hotels I welcome everything in them and that keeps the balance in nature , these insects do live hand in hand , like this bee is a cuckoo bee and will lays its eggs in other bees nests …. but as for wasps in your tubes there are many solitary wasps that will use them , and they are all good for the garden as they are pest control .

      • I got a good look at it today. It’s BIG!!! Can I send you a video of it? I’ll post it on you-tube this evening and send you a link. I’d like to know what it is.

    • Your wasp is or has all the markings of a vespula germanica (german wasp) which live in all the northern hemisphere , they are a social wasp so live in nests. they are great pest controllers eating caterpillars , insects and the odd bee (usually weak ones ) they wont break into your bee tubes


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