Andrena synadelpha – Garden

Quite excited going through my back log of photos form last year , this will be a first A synadelpha.

Found throughout England and Wales, although predominately southern and always local in occurrence. There is one Scottish record and the species should be sought elsewhere in that country.
Distributed in western Europe from Spain to Poland and Denmark, but absent from Fennoscandia, Italy and the Balkan region.
Status (in Britain only)
This species is not regarded as being scarce or threatened.
Most often found in deciduous woodland on a variety of soil types.
Flight period
April to June.
Nesting biology
It is reported as nesting in large aggregations in Germany (Westrich, 1989), but these have not been reported within the range of this Atlas.
Flowers visited
A wide variety of flowers are visited, perhaps more often the following: field maple, hawthorn, wood spurge and holly.
Nomada ruficornis (Linnaeus) has been recorded as a parasite. Stylops nevinsoni Perkins is also recorded as being found on it (Perkins, 1918).