Melecta albafrons

Usually you will see one or two Malecta albafrons but when I visited a garden in a care home I saw 40+ , having mentioned this to the BWARS guys they said it is very uncommon to see so many … this little video shows you just a few of them


5 thoughts on “Melecta albafrons

  1. They were on Teucrium fruticans, I have two little bushes in my garden so I will keep my eye on them to see if they are particularly attracted to them. I have a lot of Anthophora at the moment. Amelia

  2. They don’t really but Steve falks who has just written the field guide to bees of great britain and ireland has made up common names for all our bees , to try and make it easier for folk to remember so the new common not so common name is “common mourning bee”

    • What a good idea to invent common names, someone has to come up with one first after all. A bit of a sad name though, the colours must have inspired him.

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