Something new each day

Today’s new sightings are Vespula vulgaris (wasp) Andrena Bicolor (solitary bee) and a large Bombus terrestris. You can find information on these if you write the name of the insect in the search box and you will see older posts with the relevant information.

Also seen today 40+ 7 spot lady birds and a gorse shield bug.


Bees emerging (garden)

As well as the Hairy footed flower bees today there was several male Andrena sp of bee ,a  Queen Buff tailed bumblebee and I saw a queen wasp and a queen red tailed bumblebee.

Frogs galore

 Today the pond was alive with the sound of music well frogs croaking and the spawn count has gone from one batch to four. I counted over 15 frogs either singles or mating pairs.  It goes to show how important a small urban pond is for the wild life from the bees drinking in it , birds bathing in it hoverflies laying their young , ok mosquitoes I could do without .