Meliscaeva auricollis (garden)

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A new hoverfly for me a Meliscaeva auricollis. sorry about the poor quality photo but it was taken on my phone.

Though small and dark coloured, the slanting rear border of the yellow crescent marks on tergite 2, particularly in males, help to identify the species. The spring generation tend to be darker bodied than those born later in the year.
Prefers well-wooded places and is usually found around trees.
When to see it
February to December. This is one of the first hoverflies to appear in the year. A warm day, even in January or February, can bring it out of hibernation.
Life History
Larvae are known to be associated with aphid colonies on shrubs such as Barberry and Broom and on the flowers and stems of umbellifers. The adult hibernates.
UK Status
Fairly frequent in southern England and the Midlands, scarcer elsewhere in Britain…Naturespot

2 thoughts on “Meliscaeva auricollis (garden)

  1. Hi Steve, It was great to meet you the other week and excellent to read your blog. I look forward to seeing the updates as and when they come in. I’m glad you had a good outdoors day today and lots of insect activity in the garden.

    • HI Kate it was nice to meet you to. I am looking forward to getting out in the wild in warmer weather to see what I can find insect wise

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