Natural History Museum Interview

Last Thursday I went for an Interview after  being short listed to the last 25 for one of five positions as a ID trainer for the future at the Natural history Museum London. It would be a great opportunity for me to do what I love. I put in a strong application to get to the interview stage and hope that they have seen the enthusiasm and passion I put into my blog. My presentation was good , the discussion was ok although I had lost my voice and I think I did well in the ID and written tests. There was lots of stiff competition and some of the interviewees had been the year before so had a better idea of what was needed.  Anyway I gave it my best shot even though I wasn’t feeling well and have my fingers crossed. 



3 thoughts on “Natural History Museum Interview

  1. Best wishes for the selection but just to get to this stage is an enormous achievement. You have been making me feel guilty all year with your great IDs but I feel a bit better now. Amelia

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