Recording my finds

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What happens to my finds .. Once I have a confirmed ID for my finds I enter them into iRecord and send a copy to the local biological recording office in which the finds were found.

Why do we need to record .. recording flora and fauna is important for a number of reasons

  • So we can see the health of our wildlife and habitat. If a decline is noticed in a species or there is to much habitat loss of a certain kind. It give us a chance to reverse that trend etc
  • Through records we can tell if species are spreading through the country or in decline due to climate change / farming practices etc. As our climate changes we may notice continental species coming and thriving in our country and we may notice our own species declining as they can not cope with the new climate or their food source may no longer be available.
  • Invasive species .. now and again either naturally or helped by man we have species of animal , insect or plant introduced to the uk. These like the Signal crayfish brought in form the USA is decimating our streams they eat anything and everything in them … New Zealand pygmy pond weed which out grows and smothers our ponds. May be in the near future the Asian hornet which kills  honey bees. So we need to record the spread of these so that they can be controlled.
  • Non native species which arrive here and show no threat to our own wildlife but still need recording.

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