Indispensable Hymenoptera

Hymenoptera are a group of insects that do so much good for us and our environment, Bees pollinate, Wasps and Hornets control pests and Ants recycle plant matter and dead insects etc .

Our planet would not be the same without this important group.

“The Hymenoptera are the third largest orders of insects, comprising the sawflies, wasps, bees and ants. Over 150,000 species are recognized, with many more remaining to be described”

5 thoughts on “Indispensable Hymenoptera

  1. I agree with your sentiments but I feel less than generous with Vespa velutina. This accidently misplaced creature is making our lives and the lives of our bees a misery. Our hives have been under a heavy attack this year and I presume the solitary bees are taken out especially at their nest sites. Amelia

    • Yes I can understand , but that is a man made problem and can go for a few invasive species. When we mess it removed the balance. As for solitary bees I believe the Asian hornet does not target these. They prefer the rich picking and plenty of it from hives and wild honey bee colonies.

      • It would surprise me if they did not target other bees as I frequently see them on my walks far from beehives and near places that attract bees and pollinators such as flowering ivy.

  2. From all the research I have read even if they are away from a hive it will be honey bees they are looking for 🙂 honey bees are their preferred and main meal ..

  3. Oh and adult wasps go to ivy to feed on nectar not bees due to their tiny waste once they are adult they only feed on nectar and pollen as only juice can pass through the waste not solids and the odd insect juice … I read up on hornet feeding patterns today

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