Pine ladybird (Exochomus 4-pustulatus) St Davids

When I iRecorded this Pine Ladybird it was classed as out of area so its the first recorded sighting of it in St Davids.

Size: 3 – 4.5mm
Basic colour: black
Pattern colour: red spots
Number of spots: 2-4
Spot fusions: none
Melanic (black) form: N/A

Pronotum: black
Leg colour: black
Habitat: trees
Host plant: needled conifers, sallows and willows
Overwintering: in leaf litter, foliage and bark crevices of evergreen trees and shrubs
Food: coccids

Other notes: Round in shape with a pronounced rim around the margin of the wing cases. The spots at the outer front margin of the wing cases are comma-shaped.