Stenodema calcarata (St Davids)


Stenodema calcarata
Family: Miridae

Stenodema species are elongate grass bugs with a longitudinal furrow between the eyes. The genus is best distinguished by the coarsely and densely pitted pronotum, although the two spurs on the hind femora of S. calcarata make this species unmistakeable. S. trispinosa has three femoral spurs.

Common throughout the UK, both adults and larvae feed on the unripe grains of a number of grasses, although this species is often commoner in drier habitats than S. laevigata.

This bug overwinters as an adult and emerges in April, following which females turn green while males remain mostly straw-coloured. Late-instar nymphs have a single femoral spur. The new generation is complete by August… British bugs