Violet Ground Beetle – Carabus problematicus (Kinver Edge Hill Fort NT)

There are two types of Violet Ground Beetle; both are amongst our largest beetles growing to around 30mm. This species has ridges and dimples on its elytra whereas C. violaceus has smoother elytra. C. problematicus also has a pronotum that is barely transverse and with contracted sides.
Similar Species
C. violaceus has smoother elytra that are more elongate and also has a more transverse pronotum.
Although predominantly a woodland and heathland species, it can occasionally be found in gardens and is a useful natural pest controller.
When to see it
Mainly seen in summer months
Life History
They are nocturnal hunters, hiding under logs and stones during the day.
UK Status
Although widespread throughout Britain, C. problematicus is a local species and is uncommon in many areas.