Garden Orb spider – Araneus diadematus (Garden)

A male (left) and female Garden Orb Spider mating time its a risky for him as if she is not receptive she will eat him and even if she is she may eat him after they have mated. I watched them for ages as he tried to get close but not to close almost tickling her with his legs then now and again he would try and put his abdomen on to hers. you can see her rear legs have the web coming out of her spinneret if he is doomed she will entangle him.


Size: Females up to 13mm, males up to 8mm

Distribution: Found throughout the UK.

Months seen: June to October

Habitat: Found in hedgerows, woodlands and gardens

Food: Mostly flying insects which are caught in orb webs

Special features: Garden spiders are sometimes called Cross spiders on account of the white ‘+’ cross-shaped mark on the abdomen. They’re most frequently seen in September and October, when they reach adult size.

The females are frequently found upside-down in the centre of their circular webs, which they construct about a metre off the ground, in trees and hedges.

The colouration of the abdomen is variable. It can be anything from dark chocolate brown, through bright orange, to yellow. Usually at least five of the dots making up the cross marking are visible to some extent.


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  1. All over my garden, in my windows. In fact, I have blogged about one or two who were are near neighbours in our living room window. Who could watch TV when the female launched herself across the web each time a tasty morsel was within reach?

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