Autumn is here

Autumn is now here the temperature has dropped down to single figures at night which will reduce the number of insects quite dramatically. Opening my blog up to insects I find anywhere rather than just my garden has fuelled my passion for insects and all things nature so much more. The usual story looking for one thing leads to another. This year I seem to have found an interest in Galls.

I know if you have signed up for email alerts you would have been inundated at times over the last wee while but I’ve just wanted to share my excitement and my finds.I hope you have enjoyed them too and given you an idea of what is around for you to find.

My favourite Habitat this year is heathland , sandy soil is great for mining bees and wasps. I have also been asked to help record the insect life on a NR locally ..


I can’t believe I now have an insect sweep/catching net .. the obsession grows.


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