Nabis rugosus Common Damsel Bug (Gamlingay woods WTNR)


This species is almost always brachypterous, the forewings reaching the end of the abdomen, or stopping just short of it. Macropterous (fully-winged) specimens are much rarer, and may be confused with N. ferus, and particularly N. pseudoferus.

The length of the 2nd antennal segment is greater than the maximum width of the pronotum, further separating this species from N. ericetorum and also N. brevis, a much scarcer species confined to bogs and wet areas of heathland. N. brevis also has distinct dark areas on the anterior femora, in addition to the pattern of dots and lines.

Adults overwinter, mating and egg-laying taking place in the spring. Larvae may be found June-September; the new generation of adults is complete from August onwards.

Adult: All year… BritishBugs
Length 6.5-7.5 mm

If you look closely at the top of the middle leg on the photo below you will see a tiny blood sucking red mite.