Deer Botfly -Cephenemyia (Summer Isles)

This photo was taken this summer at the top of Stac pollaidh in the Summer Isles.

Deer Bot Flies

Deer Botfly is a parasite that needs to hover around the face of a deer so they can spray their eggs into the nostrils of the poor unsuspecting deer.

Once the eggs make it into the cervids internal system, they will migrate to the animals uterus where they will feed and go through their life stages. Once they are ready to leave the host, they will find their way back up to the tongue of the deer species where they will eventually get spit back out into the environment. At this point they spend 2-3 weeks in the soil before emerging as the adult version you see above. The adults are non-feeding so they have short time to find a mate…and a deer so they can pass their fertilized eggs on and continue the cycle. Perhaps this is why the Deer Botfly needs to be so quick?