Spiked shieldbugs (Picromerus bidens) (Cavenham Heath NR)

Picromerus bidens Spiked Shieldbug
Family: Pentatomidae

A large and distinctive predatory shieldbug, which has unmistakeable thorn-like projections on the front of the pronotum.

This species usually overwinters as eggs and less frequently as nymphs, becoming adult by July/August. The nymphs are greyish-black, with pale banded legs and yellow banded antennae. Like the adults, they are predatory, feeding on the larvae of other insects, particularly caterpillars, but will also suck sap from plants.

Widespread across Britain and Ireland, but scarcer further north and recorded recently from Scotland. Found in a variety of habitats; particularly heathland but also in damp flower-rich meadows and on chalk downland…. UK BugsĀ 

All enjoying a meal together , some sort of caterpillar.