Heriades truncorum (Cavenham heath NR) locally scares


At first I thought this was a Osmia sp of solitary bee, but I have just heard back of the ID guys and their first thought is Heriades truncorum which originally they only thought lived in a small area in Surrey. Until it had been found in a couple of other places.

This species has been confirmed and accepted by Irecord


A small elongate bee with distinctive terminal white hair bands on the abdomen; the female with an orange scopa. This species has always been considered scarce and associated with the commons of Surrey. It utilises resin in the making of the partitions of its nest and the assumption that this could only be provided by pines, combined with its apparent restriction to heaths, suggested to some that it must be an introduction to Britain. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when G R Else and I found a large population based at Thorney Island, with not a pine in sight! Not only this, but this population also had the specialist cleptoparasite Stelis breviuscula present. This latter bee had only been recently discovered in Britain at Iping Common by G R Else a year or two earlier. This story reveals the perils of believing that everything is already known about any particular species – West Sussex had been hardly visited by aculeate hymenopterists in the hundred years previous to G R Else and me taking an interest in the western section of the county…..BWARS


It could be the first recorded in East Anglia according the NBN map or the map just hasnt been updated since another find.

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