Osmia spinulosa (Cherry Hinton Chalk pit NR)

Osmia spinulosa

Found south of a line roughly between the Wash and the Severn, although more common in the south of this region. Overseas: Central and southern Europe.

Status (in Britain only)
This species is not regarded as being of conservation concern.

A widespread, although not always frequently found species. It is found in a range of open neutral or calcareous grassland habitats, provided that there are plenty of Asteraceae flowering and a degree of litter build-up around tussocks.This is where the snails, whose shells provide the nest site, live out their lives. Hay-cut and hard-grazed grasslands are not suitable for this bee.

Osmia spinulosa

I have a type of bee that I see in my garden that also nests in old snail shells. after my garden make over I will add old snail shells around the bushes etc to try and increase the nesting bees.

You can clearly see the compound eyes on this bee


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  1. I have a bee a bit like this coming on the same flower, I never thought it might be spinulosa, I’ll have to check my photographs. I have been leaving empty snail shells around the garden and checking them for a couple of years, to no avail. Amelia

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