Blog Update


As you know I started the blog to record all the types of bees I get in my garden this quickly grew to wasps and so on until it turned into an obsession. So from now on it will include insects from nature reserves and my travels.

As always if the insects were found outside my garden then this will be put into the title other wise it was found in my garden.

I have found so many rare insects both in my garden and else where, seeing something new for the first time still excites me as much as ever.



2 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. I started on the bees and it has made me much more interested in the other insects but I have to admire your enthusiasm to fling yourself at all that you see, whereas I am intimidated by it. Amelia

    • I am finding it all really therapeutic with the exception of when i see something for the first time and try and get a photo and it either wont stay still or it flies off all together then. thats why now i try my best take the photo and if its not great i still post it but then change it when i get a better one under not so much pressure … 🙂

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