Paracorymbia fulva (Coton nature reserve )

Stictoleptura rubra

In my Coton NR walk the other day I posted this photo and said it was a Stictoleptura rubra but I have just had the ID in from a beetle expert and it is the rarer Paracorymbia fulva

Paracorymbia fulva is a large longhorn beetle, 9-14 mm long. Its golden brown elytra (wing cases) are tipped with black. It also has black legs and antennae.
It is usually found near to the coast in the southern half of England, from Norfolk round to Cornwall.
When to see it
Adults are usually on the wing in June and July.
Life History
Little is known as the larvae of this species have never been found. The adult is found in broad-leaved woodland.
UK Status
Uncommon nationally with nearly all records coming from coastal areas in the southern half of Britain