Mellinus arvensis (male)(garden)


In between the showers I managed to get out into the garden and saw this wasp which I’ve not seen before the closest Id I can get with my Solitary wasp field guide so I have sent the photos of to be ID’d …. update my ID was correct and has now been iRecorded to the national data base.


Mellinus arvensis – field digger-wasp
One of the commonest and most widespread solitary wasp species in Britain and Ireland. The wasp flies late in the year, and is active from late July to October in sandy places (such as heaths, dunes, waste places and even gardens). The wasp hunts for a range of large flies for stocking the larval brood cells.

Key features
Long and thin species, boldly marked with black and yellow
Thorax with yellow strip across front and a yellow spot at the rear
Two bold yellow bars across middle of abdomen
Flies in late summer and early autumn.
Nests in sandy soil, often in aggregations
Males much smaller and often feed on honeydew on leaves
Catches a wide range of flies as prey for its larvae


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