How do I ID what I find

I was asked how do I get my bees and insects ID’d

Most I post on ID pages that specialise in that insect group so for bees its either BWARS (bees,wasps,ants recording society) or their face book page UK bees,wasps and ants. these sites are monitored by entomologists who ID what you post now sometimes they can only tell you to the Genus and not the species lots of bees wasps ect can only be told apart by dissection under a microscope. For example my ruby tailed wasps while a couple have been ID’d the rest I would have to send a sample in.

and this is the same for hoverflies beetles etc

Also the same entomologists use ISPOT which is run by the open university once ID’s have been made they get added to a data base of where they were found , when and what type of place ie. fields , garden etc so this helps the scientific community


When you get your ID’s on face book you then add them to iRecord along with the name of the specialist who ID’d it this gets checked with your photos and information.


obviously for most butterflies dragonflies et a book is good enough

It is confirmed ID’s that make up maps like the one below