Vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus)(Garden)


Length Adults about 10 mm. Elytra black mottled with small brown patches, grooved, not shiny. Antennae relatively long. Pronotum pebbly in texture.
Various habitats including parks, gardens and conifer nursery beds. They may even be seen trying to access buildings in colder months.
When to see it
Peak is summer and autumn with new adults emerging in summer.
Life History
Half-grown larvae overwinter in the soil. The larvae are legless, white to pinkish in colour, and have brown heads. Both the adult and larval stages are damaging to seedlings. The adult weevils live above ground feeding on cotyledons and on the bark of seedlings at night. Root weevil larvae are subterranean, feeding on the roots of many kinds of plants including conifer seedlings in nursery beds.