Happy Days


Dragonflies look such happy things.

Today apart from working on the allotment I went and picked up a load of soil improver from our local council yard. I will add this to the flower bed which I am digging out , everything always struggles in this bed due to the sandy quick draining soil and the hedge and tree which suck all the moisture out of it.


I’ll post photos on the progress 🙂


 This is the bed which has done ok-ish in some years but terrible this year.

2 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. I have some patches of poorer sandy soil in the garden and I have excess Phacelia seeds so I’ve sown some even if it is too late to flower for the bees, I will dig them in and hope that this improves the soil. I’ve never done this before. Amelia

    • we use both Phacelia and clover as a green manure on our allotment as this is sandy soil too (being an old river bed) .. but the garden its the fact the neighbours hedge and amount of tree suck the water out as well as its free draining also it gets limited sun so , ive picked the plants better this time 🙂

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