Gorytes quadrifasciatus wasp(garden)


Another new wasp to the garden Gorytes quadrifasciatus

Status (in Britain only)
This species is not regarded as being scarce or threatened.

Most often found in sandy places, sometimes on the coast or beside rivers.

Flight period
Univoltine; early June to early September, most frequent in July.

Prey collected
Adults of Philaenus spumarius and possibly Neophilaenus spp. (Homoptera, Cercopidae).

Nesting biology
The nest is usually dug in fairly sandy soil exposed to the sun, but can also be found in heavier soils. There is little reported in the literature on the nest structure of Gorytes quadrifasciatus but it is likely to be similar to other species in the genus. It is not known how many prey items are captured per cell; it is likely the egg is laid on the last prey brought in.