Garden make over

Im very disappointed with the garden and flowers this year , mainly due to events that have either stopped me working on the garden or made me miss out planting my seedlings … today I went out and purchased a few new plants , japanese anemone (above) Bears breaches (below)

Achillea which ruby tailed wasps seem to love.

And white campanula which harebell bees love.

I have sown 400 wall flower seeds on the allotment today these will be for the garden and allotment and have many more types of seeds to plant.

4 thoughts on “Garden make over

  1. I’ve found the garden difficult this year because of heat and lack of rain. I am seeing less bees and other pollinators and I wonder if overall the plants are producing less nectar for them. Amelia

    • Hi Amelia, yes it seems like heat and rain both at the wrong times and in the wrong amounts ….I think there are just far fewer flowers about this year …. I went into all my hives and while they have stores , I will probably start feeding in two weeks if the weather turns bad again …. S

      • Normally depending on year and flow depends when I harvest , spring was good this year so I took spring honey in early summer .. the summer flow has been dismal but last year the ivy flow was more like a tsunami and you couldnt put supers on fast enough. I even had a friend whos hive had filled up the roof space with comb and filled it… But i think this year the honey harvest is over and will start to feed them very soon ..

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