Bee-Wolf (Philanthus triangulum)


This magnificent wasp stocks its nest burrows exclusively
with Honeybees, and this habit has led to it
being known colloquially as the ‘Bee-Wolf’. For
years this species was an extreme rarity, with a
population on the Isle of Wight and others in a few
scattered localities in southern England. Since the
mid-1980’s the species has expanded its range dramatically
and is now found widely across southern
Britain and even as far north as Yorkshire. The species
is widespread on continental Europe , where
rapid range extensions have been shown to occur in
response to periods of increased summer warmth.
Females are large imposing wasps, most easily recognised
by the narrow reddish stripe behind the eye
and extensively pale face. Males are smaller with
striking bluish eyes and a distinctive trident-like mark
between the eyes. BWARS



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