All of a buzz


Its been another good year so far for my Apiary, Each hive has swarmed and those swarms captured , built up and re-homed. Each full hive which was left with a virgin queen has now got a laying queen inside so the mating went well. One hive has Greater wax moth in but the bees have kept them under control , which is what a strong colony does. All the old frames have now been replaced with new (which the wax moth don’t like).



2 thoughts on “All of a buzz

  1. It is interesting that you let your bees swarm. This is the same technique as my friend uses but most books write about preventing swarming. Amelia

    • Most books are written with the idea that bee keepers keep bees for the honey , if you let your bees swarm they loose half or more bees depending on how many times you let them swarm … for me its only the bees natural way of reproducing and at the same time it gives a month or more break of brood which also helps to lower the number of varroa etc… also each year you get a new queen which keeps genetics changing … i do believe that bee keepers also have a part in the bees decline by stopping swarming

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