Melting bees wax


When I started thinking of making things with my spare beeswax I looked at getting a Bain Marie due to the low flash point of wax and the mess it can make with your everyday kitchen equipment. Anyway the same day as I was heading to town to get one i saw my neighbour putting these in the bin , with a clean up  they are now my wax filtering and melting kit.


So the saucepan has hot water in then the dog bowl sits inside and you put the wax in there , a free Bain Marie.

Pure beeswax is solid at room temperture. It will have a putty like consistancy at above 80-90 degrees F and will melt around 145-147 degrees F. Depending upon what you are using it for you may just let it sit in a bowl of hot tap water for a few minutes to allow it to turn into a putty like consistancy. To melt beeswax use a double boiler (a pot within a pot of water) this allows gentle heating which is important because beewax can burn rendering a browning hue and lose its aroma. Remember beewax is used in candle because it is flammable so be carefull near an open flame or a heat source. Do not exceed 160-170 degrees for any long period of time and you should fine.

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