Bees wax Lip Balm


This afternoon I made some peppermint lip balm ready for the colder weather. The recipe I used is as follows

2 teaspoons beeswax
2 tablespoons, sweet almond oil or coconut oil
5 drops essential oil (such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, coconut or mint)
Melt the oil and beeswax together stir in essential oil and then transfer to a small containers.
If a thicker gloss is desired, increase the amount of beeswax. (Experiment with other additions such as baking chocolate, crushed peppermint candy, cocoa butter, vanilla bean, oil of cinnamon, oil of camphor or eucalyptus for soothing chapped lips, wheat germ oil, etc.

5 thoughts on “Bees wax Lip Balm

    • It works well Serena , I have a separate pan and kitchen things to make my wax products as it can be messy, also when melting wax always do it in a bain marie of some description , as If you heat wax up to much , not only does it have a low flash point but you can burn the wax which will make it look dark brown 🙂

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